Welcome to Varana!Edit

Varana takes place in the far future where space exploration, settling, and terraforming is at its peak. One of the grandest projects of humanity was Varana. No mammals, no birds, only animals lower in the food pyramid. What will happen? 

Link to Discord:

Be sure to check out: Maps, Founder Populations, Organism Submission Template

Rules Edit

Welcome to my spec evo server. Here are the rules.

1. No gore, porn, racism, or raiding

2. No spam outside the spam channel

3. No impersonation

4. Nothing personal 

5. No discord links

6. No evasion of punishment

Should these rules be ignored, we work on a strike system. 1 strike results in a ban from communications in all channels. Second, a 3 day-week long ban. Lastly, a perm ban.

Planet Edit

Red rocks just like Mars, but slightly smaller than Earth. Oceans are completely freshwater for unknown reasons. The land and seas are much more mountainous than Earth. Land takes up about a quarter of the surface, with giant archipelagos having their smallest islands the same size as Madagascar. It is a very Jungle-like planet.

About 25% of the atmosphere is nitrogen, 11% is other gases, about 27% oxygen, and the rest is carbon.

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